SPORTFIT SHORT BREAK CARE LTD - Residential ACTIVE short breaks for children with special needs.
SPORTFIT also offers emergency residential short break care for children with needs. This can be used for children who are experiencing family crisis, family breakdown, foster breakdown and care and abuse issues.  We can tailor make an enjoyable experience for the child providing safe rest bite and allowing authorities an important buffer period for care decisions to be made.
We specialise in emotional and behavioural needs, attachment issues, ADHD, autism/aspergers, developmental delay, some physical needs and other all encompassing learning needs and requirements of children. 
Emergency care occurs at Weymouth, Norfolk, The New Forest, in Wiltshire and on the Isle Of Wight. All locations have access to superb leisure facilities and breathtaking scenery, this positive change of environment is invaluable to children experiencing crisis. 

To date, Sportfit have worked with Dorset, Hampshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire County Councils, as well as various boroughs of London, delivering short notice and emergency type care.
Ongoing short break bookings can be made on a short notice/emergency basis (5 hour notice after initial child assessment/visit).
All our staff are trained and experienced in working with children of all kinds of varying needs.  
Costs are delivered on a sliding scale of care requirements.
For emergency care we offer care packages for  up to a maximum of 28 days. 
We feel we are an excellent option for authorities and families. Staffing levels range from 2-1, 1-1 to 1-3 depending on the needs of the children or child being cared for. Please enquire for more information.